By Oralia DShaw

Nothing expresses emotions better than music. It captures the feelings and emotions and expresses it in a very good and ideal way. Even though there are many romantic songs, some of the heart melting love songs will be always remembered!

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Countdown by Beyoncé
This is one of the top most romantic love songs by Beyoncé. Listening to its lyrics can make your heart melt away. It has a very rich and elegance beats. Besides that, it is fluttery, very romantic and expresses love in a deep and sincere way.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
Apart from being famous by bringing sexy back, this guy, who is formally a member of a band, got a huge fame after his very romantic track, Mirrors. The chorus of the jam is simply breathtaking and very romantic and it will make you easily express your love to your partner.

Temptation by New Order
This very romantic jam of David Bowie is a very popular love song. It talks about the hallucinations that one gets as he remembers the color of iris of their lover. Is it blue, green or grey? The jam is a very danceable and clubbing music and is one of the top tracks that express love.

Hit by the sugar cubes
This is a very cool track that expresses love in the best way possible. This song expresses the anguish and the pleasure of someone falling in love. It explores the delight and also the pain of the feeling that one gets as they fall in love. This is however a lid track of the late 90s that is still a classic in the present times.

Heroes by David Bowie
This song reveals the power of love itself. Love is undoubtedly a very strong feeling and David Bowie expresses it through this romantic track. His voice makes the track so romantic and the track features in his very famous Berlin album.

Wild thing by the Troggs
This is an old track that was a major hit in the 1960s. It made a record by staying at the number one position in the Billboards top 100 ranking. This famous track was originally written by the one Chip Taylor and it got recorded by the Wild ones.

Jester by T. Rex
This is a very romantic love song that is defined as both sexy and simply thrilling. It has a slow tempo and has the most romantic lyrics which are nonsensical too. The song was composed by Marc Bolan.

I want to be your Boyfriend by the Ramones
The song writer of this very romantic song is Tommy, the famous drummer. This song has been used as a love letter over the years because of its deep romantic lyrics that will express love to your lover in the most natural way.

These songs will make you love them even more as they express the feelings of being in love in the best way. They are not only musical and entertaining but also a way of communicating love for people towards the people that their hearts beat for.

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